My 2.0 Version(2025): A Journey of Self-Discovery and Success!


Today’s edition we are presenting you a journey of an inspiring woman entrepreneur, and influencer Athira Ajoop who is an award-winning self-learned furniture designer born and brought up in Mumbai and currently living in Bangalore. Working at the intersection of product design and marketing, she had the privilege of influencing products used and loved by many people.

Athira, sharing her success story which connects with deep motivators, personal qualities that drove her to make her dream to a reality. By reading about how she grew her business over the years, will identify a similar entrepreneurial seed, within you.

Athira Ajoop is a successful social entrepreneur and founder of DREAMNARRATIVE, one of India’s leading multifunctional home furniture online store. We are aware, it’s the hottest lifestyle multifunctional furniture brand with 150 stores in India and 20 stores internationally, with a strong e-commerce presence.

Athira, a Mumbai based IT Postgraduate is a self-described avid reader and a lifelong learner. She has spent her career with many IT start-ups and a variety of large brands to create better customer relationships through social media, content marketing, and public relations. She is passionate about what she does and leverages data, innovation, and creativity to drive results. She is a fun, focused, and enthusiastic person, all at the same time.

The major turning point that turned her into a full-time entrepreneur was in the year 2020. She bumped into an internship program that changed the course of her path up. The most influential person Deepak Kanakaraju whose mentorship gave her the confidence and clarity to develop her own business. Initially, she worked with Digital Deepak on multiple projects which gave her an entirely different dimension on Digital Marketing and how differently it works and always wanted to define, and flex her entrepreneurial muscles. Over a period she became a dedicated marketing leader focused on building and motivating high-performance marketing teams. Under the mentorship of Digital Deepak, she learned a mantra that The Distance between Dreams and Reality is called Action, Learn and Take Action!

The Inception of DREAMNARRATIVE: In this fast-paced urbanization many people flocked to the cities hence dwellings in big cities have limited living space. This creates a problem when people don’t have enough space for many needs. Athira, herself witnessed this situation couple of times when she was relocating to multiple cities. Understanding the importance to save space, but also accommodate several activities at once. She along with her husband (a Product Designer, Co-founder), started with an idea to work out on a smart eco-friendly multipurpose solution which is comfortable, affordable yet cozy home furniture to accommodate several activities at once. That’s how DREAMNARRATIVE took birth.


She started her entrepreneurial journey with a bootstrapped capital of Rs 10 lakh in Bangalore(HQ). There was a lot of initial fear and hurdles like stocking up many units with no assurance of sales. The learning curve was so great that she almost came close to failure. Instead of giving up, she started educating herself to reach greater heights in business and income. Her desire to build, create, and learn, surpassed her fear. Every challenge she faced then, became a greater experience of learning her true power. Currently, her brand has attracted 10 lakh, new customers, every year with a turnover of close to 60 crores, and now aiming for 100 crore targets for their annual revenue within the next few years. If we talk about her achievement, she received many awards like the Coolest Start-up of the year, Women of Worth award for entrepreneurship, and has also been recognized as Fortune 100 Most Powerful Women Asia 2025.

She heads an NGO, that provides educational, medical, housing, and other social activities for underprivileged and differently-abled people. She believes it is always important to make sure future generations feel both capable and empowered to start their own business.


A healthy work-life balance is crucial for everyone’s success and wellbeing in-line with that half of the year she ensures to spend time with family at her farmhouse in Kerala and learning new skills with them. She truly believes learning & evolving is the greatest gift we have because so many people are stuck in their careers and life. She has always chosen to learn things that excite her. Enthusiasm is the secret to life.




Athira, a content writer with a digital marketing career is passionate about learning new trends. Her thumb rule is — Learn, Grow, Succeed, Inspire, and Rep

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Athira Ajoop

Athira Ajoop

Athira, a content writer with a digital marketing career is passionate about learning new trends. Her thumb rule is — Learn, Grow, Succeed, Inspire, and Rep

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